Strategy First is a world wide publisher and we want everyone in the world to buy your game. Your games, deserve to be played in every country, and every corner of the world.


We believe that your time, effort and energy should be matched by your publisher.

Strategy First works with their developers & partners to help bring games to their full potential. For close to twenty years Strategy First has been bringing games to the world audience. We have made developers, and launched franchises and created sleeper hits.


Unknowns have been turned into critical sensations overnight.

Strategy First has world wide distribution at both retail and through digital distribution. We have direct relationships, with major retailers, we are the first publisher to aggressively pursue digital distribution, we are the first publisher to launch our games on Steam, The Game Tap Network and more.


If you want to bring your games to the world, or need someone to bring your games to North America or Europe, then please contact us today via the following form: