Bad Rats Show announced!

The legend lives on!

Exactly seven years after the launch of the original game, the sequel to the loved (and hated) Bad Rats: the rats' revenge will be released!

Bad Rats Show, also known as "Bad Rats 2: The Horror Show" will hit the market on July 20th 2016, the same date the original was published back in 2009.

Bad Rats Show maintains the essence of the original title, exploring comic cartoon violence, and politically incorrect humor.

The new game is filled with many brand new polemic rats' characters, and lots of cartoon blood.

The puzzles and physics are in the same tradition, but this time with 3D maps also, increasing the fun factor!

A map editor is also included, so people can create, share and play unlimited new levels.

Gift yourself with a good dose of humor and fun, Bad Rats Show will be released July 20th 2016, with a price of only U$ 4.99!

Lot of Laughs included. Enjoy!

Check out the Steam store page here: