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October 2007


Strategy First congratulates the Boston Red Sox on winning the 2007 American League Pennant. Winning is a tradition for Disciples as we bring a sneak peak of the upcoming Disciples III: Renaissance. The ciritically acclaimed franchise is expected to continue its award-winning gameplay quality, and become a crowd favorite. 
October is an exciting month as 'Culpa Innata' makes its way to the stores. See exciting in-game footage and details on the Adventure Game Of The Year candidate.
Before the 2007 A.L. Championship, Bill Spaceman Lee and the Red Sox capture the hearts of Red Sox nation and won the 1975 A.L. Championship. In part, 6 of our ongoing interview with the great pitcher, Bill Lee talks about some of Baseballs greatest and infamous personalities. From Modern Day slugger David Ortiz to greats like, Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, Joe Jackson and Commissioner Bud Selig. 
Music by Toronto's 'The Labour Of'