18 Anmynor Puzzles Vodcast

In this episode

Strategy First’s new Vodcast features game play footage of Anmynor Puzzles. The footage features a voice-over by Pyxel Art Entertainment’s Lead Programmer Asher Flaws. The voice-over provides insight into some of the ambitions that the Game Designers and Producers set out to achieve.


Anmynor Puzzles is set in a world of magic and adventure where challenges await in the 100 levels that make up this adventure. Use and combine the abilities of 17 unique and charming characters and gather all the Elemental Runes. 


- 17 different types of Golem, each with unique personalities and abilities.

- 100 beautifully detailed, full 3D levels with challenging puzzles.

- Puzzle Game with real time interaction.

- Use catapults and cannons to launch your Golems, fly across the scenery with air balloons, and fuse two Elemental Golems to create new powers while retaining your original power sets.


Anmynor Puzzles is available for $9.99 and is available in English and Spanish 


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